Dark Web – by Sara Rael

Troping the Bergie Web for a few lame thrills, i dive into the deep for local, state and federal conspiracy to see what my idiot government is up to. Of course proxy and tor are essential. I do some sniffing and find my way into a closed system. On the surface it’s just some oldsckool 2008R2 but quickly i realise I’ve been redirected into a dummy cloud.

I pull back on the dive and do a systems check on my VR trodes. Shock protection check, multiple catch pockets check, i’m ready as i’ll ever be. I hope i get to see her again, the mystery Woman everybody talks about.

Yes… I knew it was a smokescreen. I enter the Virus soup. Lots have dickheads have found their way in. I’m constantly being attacked but most don’t have the tech i’m carrying.

There are fingerprints of her work everywhere here. Evidence of government and corporate corruption, videos of lame sex acts toppled with some of the truly the darkest shit humanity can conjure.

A virus directs my attention to a male cyborg jacking into another male cyborg whilst fucking a cyborg puppy where none of the implants appear to be necessary for survival. Ew… They all just exploded.


Back on the road… I use my polymeric falcighol derivation and fathom my way into the Primarch. It’s just one of many gateways… Most people think this is the be all and end all of the connected world but there is another level and only she will let you in if she finds you worthy. Peeps are calling it the “Golden Trove”.

I know who she is, i say her real name… And i’m booted. FUCK!

The Cunt burnt out my trodes. It’s gonna cost me fifty grand just to get the basics again. Time to see the Dream Weaver… Maybe he can lend me the crypto to get back on top of this. I’ll do some B&E jobs for him, he’s always looking for wet waxors to do jobs on the side. I heard he alone bought down some major corps but nothing like what i saw in there with Machete Girl. She may have burned me the fuck out but she didn’t touch my memory. Perhaps that was on purpose. I have enough info stored to spend weeks sifting through the data burst.

I locate a file… It reads: //meet at the Hijaku Club, your name is already on the door// I sit back in my filthy couch i use for masturbating. Satan H Bomb Christ. She knows my name. She must have been tracking me from the outset. I never thought i tripped any alarms but then again this is Machete Girl we are talking about. OMG i actually get to meet her.

The Hijaku club was the hardest club to get into in Tokyo, possibly the world. It’s rumoured to be a place for billionaires and above, level 8 citizens only.

I sit back in my couch, slip my fingers around my clitoral hood, and think about how i’m going to fuck her.

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Angelspit – Bang Operative – Interview with Zoog Von Rock

By Sara Rael…

Angelspit opens their latest album with a smack to the face with the track Stims. True to form till the synthwave blast hits you and you fall apart like leaves for the nostalgic references to late 70’s to early 80’s synth age. Superimposed over the synths are dulling vocals that elicit visions of a decrepit streetlife, one you thought you’d be living in 1999 with your green screen hacking device and ocular implants.

We took a moment to speak with Zoog Von Rock and old friend of Machete Girl Magazine.

Sara: Great to see you mate and great to have you back in the Magazine. I checked it was Issue 8.2 where we last had a poster of you which was six years ago. Fill us in on some of the changes the band has gone through since we last saw yaz?

Zoog: Thank you Sara, it’s great to have Machete Girl up and running again!

The last 6 years have been a lot of fun!

Angelspit released 4 full length albums, 3 remix albums, co-wrote an album with The Gothsicles, co-wrote and produced albums for Lorelei Dreaming, May May Graves and Miss Ballistic. We also had 2 national USA tours, plus I moved to Chicago, then to LA, and got married…!

Sara: Thank you so much for the latest trode distortion, I listened to Bang Operative and its fucken excellent work. There’s also some unexpected moments. I was banging along to Advertised Lie and about a third of the way through, I found myself bursting out with laughter. I think if you can evoke such a range of nostalgia, enjoyment and emotion you’re on the right track. Honestly, I’m blown away by it. What was the mega intelligence behind this insanely good album?

Zoog: Thank you – I am honoured you like it!

I drew musical influence from a very inspiring time – 1978 to 1981, it was a very important time in the development of electronic music.

Living in LA was a huge influence which made its way into the music, instrumentation and lyrics. LA feels very futuristic – it evokes images of flying cars and massive dystopian synthesizers.

Sara: Originally you guys were from Oz and now you call LA home and have a new band member who joined in 2019, can you tell us about some of the changes in the band and how this has affected the music? I can see that music still has the in your face quality which is something, I love and fits right into the cyberpunk world, but there seems to be so much more involved in this than in earlier albums I’ve heard.

Zoog: Cherry Bligh is an English vocalist with an electro lash/metal background. She’s got a great voice and we are both coming from the same place – musically and politically.

We’ve talked at length about the state of the world – these conversations have been weaved into the lyrics. Cherry appears on Bang Operative, and will be featured much more on the coming albums…which are becoming heavier, faster, harder, darker.

Sara: You mentioned ’78’ to ’81’ I recall this was around the time I had my first 8 track, one was from Twisted Sister (I got to meet Dee Snider last year which is the only reason i mention that). What specific influences are you talking about and have you had a chance to interact with any of them/ it?

Zoog: 1978 to 1981 was a golden time for the music industry and for music technology – these two elements fed each other in a way that changed the direction of music.

In the late 70s, labels did not know what was coming next. Disco fizzled out, Punk did not become the financial boom that was expected…so there was no marketing direction.

…meanwhile young musicians where selling their guitars and buying synthesizers – which where becoming increasingly affordable. Synth-driven bands were appearing in clubs, which grew a new audience, which supported new record labels, which got the new “synthwave” music on the radio, which attracted more fans and major label interest…so the original synthwave movement exploded, and became the new punk music the industry was looking for.

There were no “genre rules”, no labels pushing bands in tried-and-true directions. The fashion was equally experimental. It was a great time of invention. The innovative spirit of the original Synthwave movement was a key inspiration to Bang Operative – no rules, just a new frontier and the risk needed to explore it.

…which is unfortunately completely different to the current synthwave movement

Which seems to be bound to strict genre rules, neon lights and 80s vector graphics of skylines, grids and palm trees.

“Delicious Delicious, my how boring” Liquid Sky

Sara: One of the things that I find in this cyberpunk dystopia we are living in is that it doesn’t measure up to the fantasy that we had in the 80’s of “hover cars” and other predictions where cyborgs and autonomous artificial lifeforms are a reality. I know as a magazine, we try to carve out our own meaning of cyberpunk and dystopia. Is that something similar to what you do with the music because your sound is very unique?

Zoog: Cyberpunk is everywhere. It has become a necessary lifestyle enforcement. No chip implants or freedom of information, just more rigid corporate control. If you are not addicted…err connected, you do not exist.

Your news feed is determined by an algorithm. Your dating, friendship and socialising choices are determined by another algorithm. Heaven forbid you make conversations with someone outside your digitally induced echo chamber…you may actually learn a different perspective.

Conversations revolve around memes and terminology determined by “all the internets”. In the early 90s the Internet was like the Wild West, but with more tacky animated buttons (thanks Andy!). But now it’s safe drivel which is pushed to you from “trusted sources”. Google, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook…”don’t be evil” my arse…I think the Internet needs a high octane injection of evil, delivered by the masses who are bored, disillusioned and distracted.

It’s turning us into The Matrix, but there is not Neo to save us. Just turn it off. Make your art, create your magazine, blast your music into the cybersphere. Don’t let apathy kill us. ANGELSPIT is a violent reaction to the great weapon of mass distraction. Get informed. Get motivated. Vote.

Sara:Tell us more about the cyberpunk influences of LA.

Zoog: LA is visually inspiring when shrouded in smog…especially at night. It suggests huge bulky sounds. Watching the endless rivers of traffic seep through the city like molten lava, filled with people who are (most likely) unhappy with their situation. These things suggest lyrics. I find LA a cold city – it’s difficult to make a connection with people here. The loneliness and desire to escape has been the biggest influence.

Sara: In the world of blatant social media insanity, online speed dating and fucking memes, what are your tactics for pulling in a crowd at a gig when people want to stay at home and play with their trodes?

Zoog: I am bringing the gigs into their homes. ANGELSPIT has launched a TWITCH channel, and this year we start streaming live shows – from our studio. The cool thing about this is I can use the synths live, I could not do this on tour because they are too big, heavy and expensive to lug around (it takes me 3 weeks to patch the entire studio together!).

This new approach allows me to experiment and try something different, and share it live. twitch.tv/angelspitmusic/

Sara: Are we expecting to see some more rad cyberpunk looking video in the near future?

Zoog: I am currently cutting a video for STIMS -it’s glitchy, abstract and weird. I am hoping to release it soon. I am working with The Liar – who created a distortion pedal that distorts old style tube TVs instead of a guitar – it’s INSANE! It’s wonderful to SEE distortion and hear it. Distortion creates new vibrant saturated Columbus – as sharp as razors and gritty as sand poured in your eyes…I love it!

Sara: Is there anything else that you haven’t told anyone else that you want fans of Machete Girl to hear?

Zoog: We are using our Patreon as a platform to test and refine new tracks – which are becoming harder, darker more cyberpunk. Patreon is cool because it allows me to interact more closely with ANGELSPIT supporters. I am getting comments and ideas about the tracks as I release them – which is awesome because people are helping me shape the tracks.

We are also releasing videos to help you make your art happen – exploring production, synthesis, marketing and also looking at depression and other topics that effect artists. It feels good to make music that descends into hell.

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Cyberpunk Clothing – Part II – by Sara Rael

As a follow up to my article in Neon Dystopia which you can see from here:


I thought it might be awesome to come back to it five years later and see what changes there have been, what new wearable tech is out there and if society has adopted cyberpunk clothing at all… the good short answer is a resounding YES!

While wearable technology is still something that isn’t mainstream, there are at least more examples and better technology woven into threads these days.

Lets start with the companies that posted comments on my article that are still around and aren’t completely non cyberpunk.

Crisiswear, one of the earliest contributors to this magazine’s photoshoots, is still around and kicking it hard. With clothes for the modern day subversive. They don’t skimp on detail either. You could imagine yourself walking around Night City in their gear and not look out of place. Personally, the more i see people wearing crisiswear gear the more interesting the society. For their awesome shit go here: crisiswear.com/

Y3 have gone into some next level “Inspired by homelessness” design shit. Capturing what i think to be the sadness of the Millennial Generation. If i were homeless on the streets of Tokyo, i feel like this is what i would want to wear. Obviously it would be far from affordable, maybe the government can subsidise this clothing as the uniform for homeless neon city dwellers? y-3

If you are a fan of Dune, you’ll love this shit. Demoboza have some very interesting urban and desert dystopian gear. All very high fashion, of course. You’re more likely to see this kind of wear at an exclusive fashion event rather that on the streets where those people spit on us down below. Still who doesn’t want to look good in this gear? demobaza.com

New Stylish are still around and have some interesting pieces for men. It’s good actually to see them come a long way with more variety and more grunt for your extreme street cyberpunk presence to be felt by scared little trodeless grey humanoids. Check out their stuff here: newstylish.com/

If you’re looking for something more survivorware based, then PSYLO look pretty good for all things Burning Man or just for wearing on the streets of Byron Bay. psylofashion.com/

Read the full article with wearable technology from the Full Edition from here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/34569180

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Oblivion – by Sara Rael

When Oblivion first came out I’ll admit i was biased against the film. I didn’t know much about the director Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy) or much else, all i know was that it starred Tom Cruise at the height of his Scientology rant and I fucking hated it. Listening more to Susanne Sundfør lately and learning she was feature in the title track with M83 has made me curious. So i decided to track down the origins of the film, who was involved and what their relationship is to L. Ron Hubbard, or who i like to call “That Scientology Fuckwit”.

If you look at the film itself, it’s a beautiful dystopian tale of first contact with a ruthless artificial intelligence that will do anything to obtain the resources it needs to thrive and it will destroy entire civilisations to do so and turn the best of humanity against itself.

But if you dig a little deeper, there’s so much more. To me it points out the struggle between the servitude of the privileged trapped by their own distorted view of the world and belief that everything belongs to them versus the poor on the ground just trying to survive who are seen as nothing more than savage scavenger animals fighting amongst themselves for resources.

This of course hails back to many other dystopian and cyberpunk references including that of Metropolis but it’s perhaps one of the more elegant and stark examples of this ever put into a single node.

The high society of course is a race of clones made up of exactly two people, former astronauts who were captured by the AI, and twisted to do the bidding of their overlord, who appears in the form of their former mission control officer “Sally”.

They live in towers unreachable by the ground unless you have a capable miniature “Lexx” shaped craft, believing that they are the last of humanity to protect the earth from the Scav aliens who threaten the transfer of resources to Titan where humanity is now supposedly settled.

On the ground the Scavs, made up of humans played by creatures such as Morgan Freeman and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau of GOT fame, fight to disrupt the stealing of resources from earth by the alien A.I. Tom Cruise aka “Jack of all trades”, discovered his long lost love which serves as a primer to unlocking the past and providing the human resistance with a chance to destroy the alien A.I once and for all.

Julia, played by the goddamn sexy and no connection to Scientology whatsoever Olga Kurylenko, is compassionate and kind and appeals to Jack’s better judgement acts as said primer. The blockage to the truth is provided by a powerful performance by the flawed but incredibly capable Victoria played by Andrea Riseborough, who equally has nothing to do with Scientology.

I don’t really give a fuck about Tom Cruise and his bullshit religion (As all religion is bullshit) although i generally hear he’s a nice guy and find him to be a competent performer. I wanna focus on the absolutely stunning Women in this film and their amazingly benign and vanilla costumes. After all it’s not called “Machete Cruise”…

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DISCLAIMER: IAN ROSE has campaigned extensively on Julian’s behalf, organised protests and rallies working with Senators and Julian Assange’s Father. His opinions are based on available facts and may or may not be those of Machete Girl Magazine. He has taken time out of his busy schedule to write exclusively for Machete Girl…

The life of a Hacker turned world class Journalist, from Mendax to Julian Assange.

We are all unique and wonderful people, and once in a generation society throws up someone truly exceptional, usually due to timing and placement beyond their own control.

Julian Assange is one such person, as a teenager he and his friends were alive just as the personal computer revolution was starting. And these innocent children were challenging themselves and each other with their hacking abilities. Julian and his friends hacked NASA, the people who were smart enough to land a man on the moon, so you can imagine the thrill these teenagers had in doing so. What is often overlooked is they did no damage to NASA, as it was all about honing their skills, and I imagine the adrenaline rush from such an accomplishment.

After this accomplishment Julian was offered all sorts of computer coding jobs in various sectors, most of which he refused, but one he did take up was to bust two major paedophile rings with the Victorian and Australian Federal Police.

Decades later when Julian set up WikiLeaks he still had the Impeccable integrity he had as a youth. And it is this we have to look at as a way of helping explain his current plight.

1.) Julian Assange has threatened the multi Trillion Dollar industry by exposing the war crimes and war profiteering with the offenders’ own words and actions. So it’s no wonder the US has spent 100s of Millions of dollars to smear Julian Assange.

2.) It is also worth noting that the UK is in on this as they broke International Laws and protocols by not allowing him to leave the embassy via a diplomatic car to the airport.

3.) The UK is flouting International Laws and conventions by holding him in solitary confinement at Belmarsh Prison. Assange has only 2 visits per month, and that includes all his legal representatives, family and friends visits. The UK is preventing him from building his own defence, and not even allowing him any reading materials.

4.) According to Ret. Brig. Gen. Robert Carr at Chelsea Manning’s trail no lives were lost orendangered. And Former Défense Secretary Robert Gates told Congress that the reactions to the leaks were “significantly overwrought.”

5.) Assange’s work did not get Trump elected. Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 Million votes. It was the US Electoral College that overturned the popular vote, by the widest margin ever. The US look for blame anywhere rather than look at their own flawed electoral system.

6.) there were never any charges in Sweden and despite the allegations by vested interests One of the so-called allegers, SW has refused to sign any of the documents. Stating she was not raped, and it her consent that has been violated for 10 years. Note, when Swedish authorities decide someone has been raped, they are assigned legal representation and legal media representation, whether they like it or not. SW and AA were assigned Cleas Borgstrom. Borgstrom, Marianne Nye (the prosecutor who reopened the case), AA and the police woman that took the statements, all stood united on the same political platform for Swedish federal elections at the time.. Cleas Borgstom’s lawyer business partner at Borgstrom & Bodstrom, Karl Bodstrom was an adviser to Karl Rove (US war criminal who can’t enter Europe for fear of being charged with war crimes) and an adviser to the then Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrickson.

It is up to all of us to be supporting Assange, write to and or visit your local MP and call on them to call on the Government to end the attempted US extradition. Because if this unsigned and un-agreed upon extra territorial jurisdiction goes ahead, we will all be doomed.

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